2018 show:
“The Little Prince”

More than 590’000 spectators enjoyed the seventh show, which was shown from 19 October until 24 November 2018.

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2017 show:

More than 440’000 spectators enjoyed the seventh show, which was shown from 13 October until 25 November 2017.

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2016 show:
“Tutti Fratelli”

More than 584’300 spectators enjoyed the sixth show, which was shown from 14 October until 26 November 2017.

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2015 show:
“The Jewel of the Mountains”

More than 575,000 spectators enjoyed the fifth show, which was shown from 16 October until 29 November 2015.

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2014 show:
“Time Travel in Paradise”

More than 620,000 spectators enjoyed the fourth show, which was shown from 17 October until 30 November 2014.

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2013 show: Fabulous…

440,000 spectators were delighted at the third show, which was shown from 18 October until 1 December 2013.

Impressions of the 2013 show

Advent magic in 2012:
Festive atmosphere

A festive atmosphere was created by the second show, which was staged from 2-27 December 2012 at 7 pm – an experience for the eyes and ears.

Impressions of the 2012 Advent Show

Main show in 2012:
Innovation from Tradition

Was the content guidelines of the main show “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz 2012”, 26 October until 27 December 2012. In eight main images and sound collages, a small selection of Swiss innovations from various epochs are invoked, skilfully combined visually, presented with a reference here, and a surprising moment there. More than half a million spectators on site.

Impressions of the 2012 show

Première in 2011:
Switzerland and the Bundeshaus are built

Between 14 October and 26 November, the Bernese were surprised with a “son & lumière” presentation in mapping technology that was shown for the first time in this quality in Switzerland – images that were precise down to the last millimetre, combined with sound, set the façade of the parliament building and the more than 330,00 spectators on the Bundesplatz in motion. The show quickly became a supraregional event.

Impressions of the 2011 show