Dienstag bis Sonntag
vom 21.10. bis 25.11.2023
19.00, 20.00 und 21.00 Uhr
Montags keine Vorführungen

Dauer: ca. 30 Minuten


Dear visitors,

Yes, it is a very great pleasure to welcome you to the 13th Rendez-vous Bundesplatz. In 2011, we succeeded in presenting the first Son-et-Lumière event at the Swiss Parliament building. Using the so-called mapping technique: images coordinated to the millimetre, combined with music, which set the façade of the Federal Parliament building in motion. You and I have already experienced quite a few things on this façade. We’ve been to paradise and the most remote spot in the world, celebrated 150 years with the Red Cross, 500 years of the Reformation, met the Little Prince and sailed around the world with the Ark of Hope. And we also survived the shortest spectacle of all: a week in the Corona disaster.

“Son et Lumière” was hardly known thirteen years ago and accordingly unfamiliar. Rendez-vous Bundesplatz caused a sensation and became an event with national attention and enthusiasm. Now it is an established fixture in the cultural event agenda of the city of Bern.

No, my joy is not undimmed. We live in extraordinary times. The world is not doing well. Concerns about climate change, energy policy, refugee policy, autocracies, aggressors are ever present. Perhaps that is part of the reason for our decision to set this year’s spectacle entirely in the realm of myths and fairy tales. To immerse ourselves for half an hour in a fantastic world – far from the groans of the earth.

We are going into the forest. That much is revealed. And one more thing: the very big star is the Federal Palace, which not only changes its shape, but also its functions. Be prepared for some surprises.

One thing is certain: in the end we will all end up happily back on the Bundesplatz. Where, as every year, the Swiss parliament building bids us farewell with grandeur.

In a word: Mystic.

Are you coming with us? We look forward to seeing you.

Starlight Events GmbH

Brigitte Roux
Producer and organiser Rendez-vous Bundesplatz