Some 552,400 enthusiastic spectators from all over the world now know: the Swiss parliament building can fly. And it can do much more. It became a globe, the rocket launching pad at Cape Canaveral, the surface of the moon and an underwater training pool for the astronauts. It became a canvas that inspired us with a story of those famous first steps. And it brought the three spacemen back safe and sound.

Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins were meticulously prepared and trained for all possible scenarios before they set out on their expedition to the moon fifty years ago. One thing they did not have to worry about was the weather. There is no weather on the moon. Weather needs an atmosphere. And the moon doesn’t have one. No clouds form, the wind stays away and rain never falls.

But it fell heavily in the first weeks of the ninth spectacle celebrating the anniversary of this adventure. And it was cold. There was no trace of the golden autumn we enjoyed in 2018 when the little prince visited us. Yes, the weather caused me some concern.

But then November brought dry days with sometimes almost mild temperatures … and in the last three days of Rendez-vous Bundesplatz, 112,000 people flocked to the Bundesplatz. On the final evening alone, a total of 49,000 people attended the three performances.

In order to realise FIRST STEP, I worked with the light art collective ‘Lichttapete’ from Vienna for the first time. And it was the perfect choice.

I knew of the artists from their visually stunning multimedia productions at the Zurich Opera House, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and the Hofburg in Innsbruck. With their art of changing virtual wallpapers, the light art collective has now also enchanted the Bundeshaus. And the audience. The ninth edition of the Rendez-vous Bundesplatz has opened up new dimensions.

Auviso from Kriens was responsible for the technical implementation – and, as ever, the task was carried out with great skill, talent for improvisation and joy. Thank you very much!

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to our media partner Radio Energy, who helped us bring so many spectators to the Bundesplatz. The greatest thanks go to my partners: without their financial support, there would be no Rendez-vous Bundesplatz – especially Migros-Kulturprozent, which has supported us for the ninth year as Presenting Partner.

My thanks also go to the other sponsors: Stadt Bern, Bundesversammlung, Bern Welcome (Bern Hotels, Gastro Stadt Bern und Umgebung, BernCity), BEKB, Stiftung Cerebral, Gesellschaft zu Mittellöwen Bern, Bern Parking, Bellevue Palace Bern, Hotel Bären, Securitas, The Bristol, Uni Bern, Samariterverein Bern-Mitte and the patron: the Stiftung Vinetum.

Finally, I would also like to thank the whole team from the bottom of my heart. It was once again an inspiring collaboration.

The journey continues. The next spectacle is already being prepared. It will be the tenth, so it’s sure to be something special and memorable.

Starlight Events GmbH

Brigitte Roux