The 2022 show

Scenes of the show „Point Nemo”

Music titles „Point Nemo”

The Parliament Building sinks into the sea
John Williams – „Jaws” 

Building the Nautilus
Hans Zimmer – „Interstellar”

Diving through algae forests
Rose Betts – „Song to the Siren”

Seahorse Riding School
Joseph Strauss – „Pizzicato Polka”

Colourful South Sea Fish
Bobby Darin – „Beyond the sea”

Jellyfish Ballet
Smetana – „Moldau”

Deep Sea monkfish / disco
Bee Gees – „Night Fever”

In the deep sea to the seabed
Billy Joel – „Downeaster Alexa” (Piano Version)

Map to Point Nemo
Beatles – „Octopus‘s Garden”

Trip ancient shipwrecks
Blancmange – „Waves” (Instrumental Orchestral Version)

Ride through sunken city
Blancmange – „Waves” (Instrumental Orchestral Version)

Final scene
George Martin – „Yellow Submarine In Pepperland”