The 2015 show


The story starts at the very beginnings of time, when the Earth is still a molten fireball. Slowly the young planet is shaped and changed by thundering collisions with comets, sudden ice ages and tectonic shifts.

The Alps rise up out of the depths of the still-young Earth. And with them the Matterhorn. In all its majesty, its vitality. The jewel of the mountains watches nature and animals with utter astonishment. It is part of it and yet sits enthroned above it in its magnitude and uniqueness. For a while, things are quiet; flora and fauna develop in harmony with the massif.

“The Jewel of the Mountains” is a story full of poetry. It shows the Matterhorn as it has probably never been seen. Noises, music, light and image have been skilfully interwoven with one another to form a special and unique experience. The fifth sound and light show from Starlight Events was the first entirely Swiss production, implemented jointly with the artists’ collective “Projektil” from Zurich and our technology partner “Auviso” from Kriens.

Trailer Show 2015 (YouTube)