The Show 2018

The Little Prince – the production

Childhood memory of the Pilot: He wants to draw a giant snake that devours an elephant.

The Parliament Building becomes a desert …

… where a plane with engine trouble lands. The Little Prince watches intently.

The Little Prince asks the Pilot to draw a sheep.

The Little Prince is not satisfied. The Pilot draws a box and says “The sheep is in there.”

The Pilot repairs his plane. The Little Prince looks on in astonishment.

Ballet of the planets. You can see the Little Prince caring for his planet.

The Little Prince explains how important this care is.

The Little Prince explains why he left his rose on his planet.

Sunsets. The Little Prince especially loves those.

The claims of his rose, a beautiful prima donna, make the Little Prince despair.

Encounter with …
… the Lamplighter …

… the King …

… the Conceited Man…

… the Tippler…

… the Businessman …

… the Geographer.

Landing on the earth. The Pilot tells of the people, their aimlessness and their restlessness.

The Little Prince meets the poisonous yellow snake for the first time.

The Little Prince climbs a mountain peak and meets the echo.

Rose garden.

The Little Prince and the Fox, and his world-famous phrase: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

The Pilot and the Little Prince set out on their march through the desert in search of a well.

They find water.

The Little Prince discusses with the snake that it should bite him.

His shell remains on earth. But he travels to his planet and his flower.

“There was nothing but a flash of yellow close to his ankle.”

Casa Magica: the magic lantern of the 21st century

From the 17th century, a projection device spread throughout Europe bearing the fairy-tale name of “Laterna magica”, or “magic lantern”. The laterna magica provided hours of entertainment with musical accompaniment at fairs, in theatres, inns and churches.

Sabine Weissinger and Friedrich Förster, pioneers in the field of architectural projections and interactive laser installations, not only recognised the potential of modern technologies early on, but also, with their dry sense humour, christened their studio in the Swabian university town of Tübingen “Casa Magica”. The natural scientist and the scholar of religion also projected their lasers onto the Pyramids of Giza and Cologne Cathedral, making them appear in a new light.

In 2017, they brought the Reformation to the façade of the Swiss Parliament Building, to great acclaim. This year, the light-art duo is launching into a completely different world, starting in the desert, together with a crashed pilot, a little prince and a fox who reveals a big secret. The Parliament Building will be turned into a wonderland.

Concept, direction, visual design

Friedrich Förster und Sabine Weissinger


Composition, arrangement, sound design, camera

Stephan Boehme

Character Animation

Sophie Fink


David Liske: Pilot
Adnan Almedouar: Monteur Double
Adalbert Sedlmeier: King
Oliver Moumouris: Conceited Man
Heiner Kondschak: Tippler
Aaron Hohberger: Businessman
Robert Atzlinger: Geograf


Nora Vladiguerov: Rose

Voice actor

Jo Jung: Pilot, Fox, Lamplighter, Snake
Nathalie Karanfilovic: Little Prince

Thanks to

Flieger Flab Museum CH-Dübendorf
Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne, Enrico Urbanek, Intendant
Gewerbliche Schule Tübingen, Abteilung KFZ, Marcel Hummel
Zoologische Schausammlung der Universität Tübingen, Dr. Erich Weber
Jürgen Frantz, ehem. gärtnerischer Leiter Botanischer Garten der Universität Tübingen
Sudhaus Tübingen und Rolf Rutsch Showtechnik
Naturtheater Reutlingen/Kostümverleih
Marcel Rathgeber (Animation Verneigung Bundeshaus)
Google Earth images Landsat/Copernicus © 2018 DigitalGlobe